Automower Service
Arbor Tech Supply
11494 James Madison Street
Remington, VA

Service Description

Winterization is an important part of keeping your Automower running at peak performance our service includes:

$129.95 Annual Service

  • Complete Firmware Update
  • Replace blades, included in price 
  • Remove the body and clean the chassis
  • Clean the Ultra Sonic sensors and headlights
  • Check the cables and cable terminals
  • Check the ventilation filter and clean with a soft brush
  • Check and regrease the front lower bearings
  • Check the rubber bellow on the height adjustment
  • Check the front & rear collision bellows
  • Check the tightening torque of the screws on the chassis
  • Check chassis cable grommets
  • Check the blades and blade screws
  • Check the skid plate and skid plate bearings
  • Clean the charging station
  • Check and polish the charging plate on the mower and the charging station
  • Make a complete Auto Test in Autocheck
  • Check that docking and charging are working correctly
  • Check the battery condition and charge to a Full Charge

One set of free blades is included in the Annual Service any additional parts will be extra.  We will contact you with an estimate before replacing any additional parts.