Arbor Services

Our mission is to provide top quality arboricultural services by experienced arborists at a competitive price. Arbor Tech, Inc. is a fully licensed and insured company that provides complete tree management for County Governments, Homeowner Associations, Business Parks, Retail Shopping Centers, Homeowners and more! All estimates are done by an ISA Certified Arborist.

Services Available:

Cabling and Bracing:

Cables are installed in trees to provide support to weak and potentially dangerous limbs by connecting two or more limbs together using cabling equipment designed specifically for trees. Cabling also helps reduce stress damage from high winds and excess ice or snow loads.

Crown Reduction:

Crown thinning includes crown cleaning and the selective removal of branches to increase light penetration and air movement into the crown. Increased light and air stimulates and maintains interior foliage, which in turn improves branch taper and strength. Thinning reduces the wind-sail effect of the crown and the weight of heavy limbs. Thinning the crown can emphasize the structural beauty of the trunk and branches as well as improve the growth of plants beneath the tree by increasing light penetration. When thinning the crown of mature trees, seldom should more than one-third of the live foilage be removed. At least one-half of the foliage should be on branches that arise in the lower two-thirds of the trees. Likewise, when thinning laterals from a limb, an effort should be made to retain inner lateral branches and leave the same distribution of foilage along the branch. Trees and branches so pruned will have less stress more evenly distributed throughout the tree or along a branch.


One of the most effective means of fertilizing trees is to inject liquid fertilizer into the soil or systemic injections directly into the vascular system of the tree. Soil injections allows the nutrients to be evenly distributed throughout the tree root zone in the soil, allowing the delicate root system to easily absorb the nutrients that the tree requires to maintain it's health and vigor or to restore it back to a healthy state. Systemic injections are used in most cases in which quick absorption of nutrients or insecticides are needed to correct a condition where time could be a factor. Fertilization is not only limited to the macro or mirconutrients that are the essential elements for the trees survival. Mycorrihial fungi extracts can also be supplemented to the fertilization injection. What is Mycorrhizal fungi? Forest trees and plants faced many natural stresses, such as low soil fertility, drought and temperature extremes. To survive, these plants established a symbiotc partnership with a unique group of soil organisms called Mycorrhizal fungi. These fungis are considered by botanists to be the biological cornerstone of all plant life. This little known family of beneficial fungi live in and around the roots ob about 99% of the earth's plant species, serving as a secondary root system, extending themselves far out into the soil. Mycorrhizae extract nutrients and water from the soil for their host plant, and live off the plant's sugars. Trees and plants with thriving "mycorrhizal root" systems are better able to survive and thrive in stressful man made environment. Plant Health Care: Plant Heath Care (PHC) is a holistic approach to maintaing trees and landscape plants in a good heath. It combines cultural, biological and chemical strategies. The focus is on the plant rather then specific pests. Most arborists are now aware that tree health problems are usually the result of several stress factors. Today plant management is based on keeping the tree in good health. Recommendations for broad spraying of insecticides or fungicides are becoming outdated. While pesticides play an important role in health management, they also have limitations. In addition to the environmental and health risks associated with the spraying of pesticides, pest control may be limited and temporary if other control measures are not integrated into the progam. We will send out a professionally, trained certified arborist to evaluate your trees safety, health, vigor and to make recommendations as to ways to enhance growth and create a healthy environment.


Spraying can help your trees in a number of ways. Insecticides are used for various infestations, fungicides or other disease control measures. There are numerous products available to acheive a desired result. The first thing is to properly identify the insect or diseae you are trying to control before any treatment is performed. Once you have properly identified your target, find a product that will adequatly and safely achieve the desired results. Always follow the product label exactly for proper mixture and disposal. Before hiring someone to spray make sure they have the proper licensing and training required.

Stump Grinding:

Stump grinding removes the stump below grade level and turns the stump into mulch which is then able to be used for many landscape purposes. Grinding the stumps down below the surface of the topsoil allows for immediate restoration of the turf or area in which the stump was removed without having to wait for the natural decaying or rotting process which could take years to occur. Grinding the stumps are also a beneficial and proactive measure to take so as not to promote termite or other unwanted infestation that comes with decaying wood. Also, for safety reasons when cutting your lawn or walking through the area.

Tree Removal:

Tree Removal is essential when a tree is dead, considered hazardous, causing an obstruction that cannot be corrected through pruning or where construction or other environmental changes need to occur. Sometimes a tree's problems are so advanced that it can't be treated or brought back to a healthy state. Trees can also lose their architectural favor and need to be removed for development or other similar needs. They also can become diseased and a hazard to the area in which they reside. The removal of trees is not always a simple or safe activity for the backyard weekend gardner. Most deaths or accidents occur by the do it yourselfer each year due to the under estimation of potential dangers involved in tree removal. Its the ones that look simple and easy that pose the most danger. It is always advisable to seek the help of a trained professional or arborist before attempting to do it yourself. Most companies will provide a free evaluation and estimate.