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SAFETY/PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)

Landscaping work, particularly tree trimming and removal, is tough work for both DIY homeowners and professionals alike. Having the best personal protection equipment, from heavy duty work gloves to a face shield, is essential to getting the job done safely, without the pain, hassle, and threat of injury.

Arbor Tech Supply is proud to offer the best names in all types of arborist equipment, and that includes safety vests, dust masks, heavy duty work gloves, and other protection gear. You can even get high quality first aid kits here, so if you’re planning a major project or just need to do some yard work, get everything you need to do safe and effective work on your property.

You’ll see our personal gear below, such as safety vests and helmets, or you can browse our first aid kits and heavy duty work gloves specifically. Since 1985, we have been serving the arborist community, offering the best products at the most competitive pricing. Now, homeowners can find the tools they need to get the job done like the pros.

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