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Edger Blades, Standard, Angeled-Beveled and Star

Arbor Tech Supply offers a huge selection of Edger blades, find any size or style you need from a standard blade, angled-beveled or star blade. 

How do I measure Edger Blades?
A. Measure the blade diagonally from the cutting tip to the cutting tip. (measure mulching blades on the back to ensure straight line)
B. Measure the width at the widest part of the blade.
C. Measure the center hole.
D. Measure the center to center distance between the outer holes.
How often should I sharpen my Edger Blades?
Never.  When an edger blade wears down, it needs to be replaced.  Each time an edger blade is replaced, the guide bar should be replaced as well.  For edgers with adjustable blade guide, always keep the guide adjusted to within 1/4" of the level of the blade.  This can save wear and tear on the blade and sidewalk.
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